lady like in the mountains......

living in the mountains tends to be a bit more casual. however, growing up in the city i like to dress up a bit more. 
it's been 9 years of living in aspen and i haven't given up my heels but have opted for a lower heel. i blame it on the cobble stone streets and ice and NOT age. i don't think anything dresses up jeans as much as heels. the cleo has been a go to for me this winter. they look good with tights and socks which is perfect for mountain winters. zeta's valerie silk bow blouse and bishop sleeves is a pretty choice with your black jeans. also, check out the matching pants that are now on sale. the black jeans are 3x1 and i love the washed black color and curved frayed hem.
and, this city girl can't seem to give up black or her hats. but, hey the hats offer good sun protection. when i find a piece that mixes black with another color i usually have to take it. and, the bale coat from closed with it's graphic stripes in army and black were a must have. i just marked it down for end of season so you should grab one. 
to complete the look the benz tote bag from cindy kirk is a must. i love the textured leather in khaki and caramel. a beautiful year round bag.

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