in these times....let there be wine.......

wine is on the mind and on the body. when this world seems to have gone crazy i'm thinking a lovely glass of wine and dressing well will lift the spirit. it won't change the situation but it can change your mindset. and, it seems we're all going to need to be patient during these times.
souchi's classic bobble beret, krewe rimless shades, hildur yeoman long bohemian dress and bubish valencia jacket.
i love the long bohemian dress (ok, i love the midi too) but this print is beautiful. i decided to dress it up with a wine fur cardi. this cardi is on super sale so check it out in our sale section
and, what goes well with wine? raspberries! so, i added the sloan suede knee high boot which is also on super sale. who is a lucky size 7?
don't be afraid to layer tons of colors and shades. i think it adds to the drama.

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