how to wear front patch pocket jeans...........part 1

 most people fall into a love em or hate em for patch pocket jeans. i LOVE them. i think people who tend to hate them do so because they think they add to the tummy area. but, i'm hear to debunk that. yes, front patch pockets can add to the tummy BUT only if you get them to small or in a bulky denim. be sure to find the style in a super stretch fabric and never size down. you want these to skim the body or be a bit bigger. you don't want these tight. 
if you're unsure of this style i'd suggest starting with a pair that is high waisted, high stretch and a crop flare leg. the st monica jean showed here is the perfect starter patch pocket jean. on ruthie, because of her long legs she looks great wearing the sera sandal with them. i'm 4" shorter so i like a heel like the santa margarita slide, high 70's or marissa ankle straps
the candace leather bag can be worn on the shoulder or cross body. it's a great option because it keeps the look clean in front by wearing it on the shoulder.
another tip on styling front patch pocket jeans is to not have to tuck in anything. you want them to be clean and slim with no bulk being tucked in. bodysuits work great for those of us who don't want to show skin. but, if you're up for a sliver of skin i'd suggest the wilkins vest above. also, a crop tank or crop top.
shop the look by clicking the images below:

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