hello shimmer snake skirt.........

another snow day....yes, i'm behind on blog posts! however, how gorgeous is this skirt? layers of silk, satin and cashmere.
the skirt is such a beautiful golden shimmer with pistachio and a nude attached slip underneath. i decided the pistachio satin tank and souchi's cropped long sleeve yasmeen sweater we're perfect. 
the layers and go go leather bag (another color here that would be great with boots below) with stitching is a great choice of bag. if you love my necklace with custom charms...check it out here at elliott yeary.
oversized layers in long, mid and cropped. and, of course a hat...it's my look and you know i can't be without a hat. 
i love the alanis combat boot with this look. the color is so beautiful and great for year round. 

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