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hand painted fur is incredible..........

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i've never been a fan of fur. i'm not referring to ethical reasons. instead, i mean i never wanted to own any. nor, wear any. mostly i thought it seemed silly. though, every once in a while, someone designed something with fur that was breathtaking. yet, living in california and oregon i never needed anything warmer than my tried and true pea coat. and, i figured there is all this down out there that nobody needs fur. i still believe that nobody needs fur. so this post is more about....do you want fur? and, if you do......this is the jacket for you.
hand painted shearling zip up with lambskin trim. gorgeous
blue, teal, navy, lilac, orchid shades on shearling. incredible. i love the colors so much that i wanted to style it with an unexpected color....purple. i think it's a powerful combo. a stunning maxi dress....
velvet, silk, chiffon and shearling - pow
i love that this look is great for evening....BUT, add flat booties (similar here), head scarf and shades (available souchi aspen boutique) and you're ready for a carrie bradshaw lunch
we've been into wearing our head scarves backwards....perhaps need to rename them tricia's ear muffs? either way, they are awesome.
bing bang
happy dance
this look will make one of my all time faves.....


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