grey daze....with a dash of cozy

so....usually i don't really think or care about trends. but, some trends are strong...meaning it can take years to to die. and, sometimes it's got me second guessing my original lack of interest.
this trend....sweaters and workout wear for street style.....i loathe it.
however, these pants may make me change my mind... BUT, i thiink if you want to wear sweats or leggings than you need to make sure the rest of your look is awesome. no, i just rolled out of bed or off the couch allowed.
so, add awesome boots, the best leather fanny pack (yep, i'm using the original term!), cashmere sweater and luxe tee.
our fave boxy oversized cashmere sweater....the wilkins, beautiful patterned scarf and sweet shades (available souchi aspen boutique 970-925-2580). comfy and cozy for the cold weather casual days but not a chance you look like you don't care.
gorgeous skin, great hair (add cashmere head scarf) and nude makeup.
weekend ready.
if you're still hesitant on sweats outside then i say add these jeans instead

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