90's done right.......

yes, the 90's are making a revival and i am living for it.
i loved the 90's...yes, there were some things i don't want to see again: darkest brown lipstick, cheap fabrics and bad bulbous toed shoes.....
crop boy sweaters in grunge colors: all shades of green, yellow, orange, browns and khaki....
mid to high waist jeans in a thicker weight denim...YES!
crop boyfriend sweaters, bleached hair and colorful sunnies....YES!
the re-do on the longer rise, slightly slouchy is heaven. it's comfy, cool and can be sexy. yes, it can. you just have to wear with confidence and great shoes.
details like: oversized sleeves, boxy and cropped mixed with a variegated stripe wrap....perfect.
i loved that the 90's were black, denim and color. so have fun, and re-introduce these jeans into your rotation. it's been a decade and a half of skinny jeans....it's time to update your denim....
NOW, turn on your records and sing along to nirvana, sound garden, pearl jam.... and remember how much fun you had and how much more you're going to have.

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