an unlikely color story..........

yes, two stunning colors but rarely styled together. and, i ask....WHY? it's so subtle & beautiful. the washed shades are so pretty together. 
mid weight linen wide leg pant in a faded green looks lovely in the cooler months worn with a thin mushroom color leather cardigan & souchi crop kehle sweater. we lived in the brooke boot in the fall and still wearing it now. it's so light weight that it's perfect.
the rawtus leather cardi with it's angled lapels is one of my wardrobe staples. i'm a brat who now owns 10 of their pieces. i love how tiny they roll up for travel. i take at least one on every single trip i go on. it's worth the investment. buy it snug because it will give and you want it snug not sloppy. 

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