green and gold...............

a dress (but i like as a jacket too) bold enough to be made with green and gold stripes. 
the perfect shirt dress. a great summer jacket. i only buttoned the top buttons and left the ones below the waist open so i could wear with jeans
the de palma three way leather pouch is the perfect bag for spring days. you can also wear it as a cross body bag or to the back on the shoulder. it also comes in black. to play with the 'stripe' effect i added silver and gold bangles (elliott yeary has a great selection) and my spinelli ring in silver and gold. i did add two rosie kent stack rings (available at souchi aspen).
and, as usual, i had to add a hat.
these  mid rise 'luca' jeans from 3x1 are a favorite layering jean. no bells and whistles just a great fit in a classic wash. 

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