fresh start.... happy new year

new year means a fresh start....
i love starting a new year in white and this rachel comey dress is perfect.
new shades = new lens to look at the world
these earrings are incredible....a statement that weighs nothing
here's the thing about white...i loathe hearing 'i don't wear gets dirty'.
yes, perhaps it does or will but i LOVE white. i always feel awake, crisp and happy in white. granted, i stand a lil taller to appear a tad slimmer. 
but, white looks so good with black and you can load up on the accessories.
here, a souchi fringe poncho and karen london stackable rings (we used the rose stacker and hello ring) in a variety of colors
the souchi fringe poncho...looks and acts like a poncho but gives your arm freedom of movement while still staying on your shoulders.
this dress is sexy....BUT, we wanted to show a different way to wear. a more casual way...add combat boots. we love these from reschia
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