for the holidays......a lil something blue

holiday dinners require comfort and a bit of room to indulge in the cocktails, apps, dinner & desserts. however, i still want to dress up and have some fun.
the rachel comey chenille tunic is perfect. i love it as a mini dress but can easily be worn with a luxe legging or black denim. i could not resist the combo of blue with black and i blame it on these amazing boots!
when going with a classic LBD i say cool accessories are mandatory. here, i added a cobalt glass dome cocktail ring (similar here) and the larsen wallet (that i love as a clutch). black leather with cobalt stitching. and, a lil mini fishnet always works. so pretty.
the mix of texture is great when wearing black. the alpine bobble beret & chenille sweater play well together. all that black looks great with a pop of color near the face. we love the dismount earrings
you're ready. have fun and happy holidays.

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