faux luxe does pretty casual......

leather leggings....yep, they're not a new thing BUT these faux leather leggings that fit amazing and are machine washable are luxe....but not at $110!
i love wearing them with looser fit clothes. no need to add to the sexiness as they already are.
add snow leopard shearling booties, an oversized sheer shirt, turtleneck tunic sweater and a fringe cross body bag. keeping it cool and cozy.
apricot beanie and champagne shades - i said luxe! and the hand knit sweater with fringe details brings movement and texture to the look.
how comfy do these booties look? and, they are great with or without socks. but, the best part is they come with a second pair of laces that are bright red. love.
no need to put....you look amazing and ready for the day that leads into the night. 

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