english professor vibe...............

who doesn't love an oversize cardigan as warm as a coat? our mary kate has been a best seller since i designed it. the love just continues to grow....i had to make myself 2 this season. so, i think of it a bit like a jacket and decided a menswear....professor vibe was needed.
add a layered enza costa v-neck, plaid vest and minimalist jewelry. we're loving the patch pockets.
layers, neutrals, silk asymmetrical skirt and snake skin booties. the mix of masculine and feminine is what pulls this all together.
plus, the silk skirt adds very little fabric so you don't look bulky with vest, tee and cardi.
to me snake skin is a neutral. it goes with everything. it's true! i have a pair of old snake skin boots and i have worn them to death. whenever i don't know what shoe to wear i grab have snake skin.
now start teaching.....

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