end of summer blues.....

end of summer blues....
yes, we all know i LOVE AND PREFER fall....however, the end of summer does make me a bit blue. i love not worrying about ice on the road, mud on my hiking trails, and not freezing when going to my car end of day.
so, this look satisfies my mood. yummy silk high waist drape-y pants and oversized tee. obviously, gorgeous with heels but, thought it would be fun to see casual for an easy dinner in the mountains or lunch in the city.
add, a souchi bottega wrap, wood kuni bangles, rachel comey drop earrings and our favorite shades from krewe (available in aspen store or via email) 
i am loving it with bright white sneakers. such a great outfit for travel. 
shades of blue mixed with natural textures like cashmere and wood.
channeling sharon stone from basic instinct - that movie is still a fashion inspiration
if you want to dress this look up we suggest:
these heeled boots - sticking with our blue theme
navy & white rabbit fur jacket
acanthus gold hoops
and this insane blue ring from elliott yeary gallery

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