creed's a weekend!

so who didn't grow up watching rocky? yes, maybe you missed 4 & 5 but still it's a classic. so, the other night we watched creed ll and the next day this was my outfit.....que rocky theme music....and i didn't wear the hood up and over my was just freezing for this shoot
some people never grow up...i may just be one of those people. but, i was loving what i was wearing and was so warm in the midst of a colorado blizzard that i was happy.
so these faux leather leggings may just be my favorite...yep, i have black, espresso, pine, grey.....i've even got black patent leather!!
i'm not a fan of wearing something short with leggings....i don't care how great the body i just don't like it. so i go a bit overboard with coverage when wearing leggings but i like the outcome. this kes tank is a favorite and now we've got in prints and solids. love.
the souchi fringe pocket oversized cashmere cardi is a classic (similar style here and on sale!). the zip up hoodie is from last fall from closed official
not sure what's up with my grandpa stance that is giving me a pot belly but at least i'm laughing looking at it.
training for creed lll - watch out!

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