color explosion............gorgeous

ok, this day was so much fun for me! i got to play dress up with one of my most fave people. yes, she thought she was coming to relax and catch up in aspen. she did. we did. however, when your friend is awesome, brilliant, a babe, funny and cool well you 'gently' ask if she wouldn't mind a few pics for social media. and, alas, a star is born. 
so, i chose something i knew she would never choose BUT would appreciate the craftsmanship. however, turns out she loved it. and, well, these pics are some of my most favorite ever.
i have been coveting this coat for so long that any time i get a chance to style it i jump! today i went with a gorgeous summer party vibe. the lavender slip dress is the perfect piece because it's beautiful and simple. this is all about the coat. however, when you've got a coat this gorgeous you still want cool accessories....especially shades!
enter the lavender suede venetia sandal & cindy kirk gold ruby clutch. the gold bag plays off the shimmer of the coat and the shoes off the dress. just beautiful.
small shades and a slip dress work beautifully especially when your hair is this cool. truly, the color of whitney's hair is unreal....yet totally hers. 
off to finally steal this coat. i've waited long enough.

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