cinch it..........

happy pants...i am so happy to see relaxed trousers in all the spring/summer collections. and, even happier to know the style continues thru the fall/winter collections. I LOVE A CRAZY PANT OR JEAN.
if the pants are going to be big a belt is a given and this one from cindy kirk is great. and, i like with a fitted top. and, being short heels will be a necessity.
the top is a yummy cotton with a lil stretch and ties above one shoulder. love. add, some krewe shades (available in aspen).
the phoebe top is on sale and it's amazing. why it's on sale is a wonder. fit is great and shape so classic!
now go march thru your day...such a great look for summer.
if you want to lighten up the look the snake cindy belt works great with a sandal. these sandals are sold out but these are very similar and would work great with this belt.

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