cherry and caramel........perfect match

admittedly, i am not a huge fan of red.........HOWEVER, that has now changed. i blame the past on growing up in the 80's when red was just bad, oversized, fake red blazers with gold buttons. and, everyone was wearing them. ugh, i couldn't stand it. the other reason, is red is a very hard color for yarn. it can so easily go cheap and i don't do cheap.
so, when i found this cherry red tweed cashmere i was in love. i then needed more red. i love mixing the tones and shades to create a more textured look. 
here, the souchi fringe cashmere poncho in berries and a beautiful crop ruche blouse from rachel comey. hes, this is cropped....BUT....not as cropped as it appears on sweet elleree....who has a very long torso. so picture this with your high waist trousers or jeans and it will skim the top of the waistband. if you're tall with a long torso...well, good for you as it will look like this.
i really love denim with red. and these new stevie jeans with western detail stitching on the pockets with straight leg are a new favorite. so great on the bum.
add some shades (in the aspen store) and a souchi cashmere bobble beret... similar here.
add these charm faux snake zip up booties with moc croc heel and you've got your fall look.
we love the straight leg and wash of the stevie jeans. so good with booties.
red....go get some!

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