cashmere sweat pants.......yes please

in a year of staying home it appears casual friday has become seven days a week. for me, i love fashion way too much to not get dressed. so, even in the midst of a horrific pandemic that has brought the world to it's knees i will still get dressed. it's the little things that help keep me sane and hopeful when so much seems to be fighting against that. 
so i designed souchi's first sweat pant. i've done a lot of cashmere leggings, lounge pants and even catsuits. but, the sweat pant was a first and i am so in love with them that i am now deciding on my 4th color. yes, it's the benefit of being the owner & knitter. but, cozy, comfy and luxe is a way better option to your work out clothes. they are shown here in 'flesh' and i styled with the crop triangle cowl and the teddy bear coat. the rollick boot and 864 knit beanies work with all your winter looks.
 the teddy bear coat is so cozy and even though it's not meant to be reversible .... you can! just get a seam ripper and remove the tags. i love the color blocking on the coat and the ties at hem if you want to cinch it.
the crop triangle cowl has long sleeves and a contrast insert on one side of the sweater. love this sweater. and, the pockets on the souchi sweat pants are inspired by the brand 'op' from my childhood.

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