cashmere: not the typical twinset.........

obviously i love sweaters. one can't be a knitwear designer for 22 years and not love to be wrapped in cozy, soft and luxurious yarns. i like mine to be a bit haphazard and not quite perfect. i want them to be lived in.
so, a cap sleeve jumbo cowl (long sleeve version here) that can be worn on or off the shoulder is a great layer. especially when it's a tunic length and 6ply cashmere. it keeps you warm but not bulky. side note: i currently am loving this sweater backwards so the back is a deep cowl and chest is covered.
this is my version of a twinset. yep, a cardigan that's more like a very long shrug. it covers the shoulders and then moves away from the body. no need for all the bulk in front because you have the other sweater underneath. i keep it minimal with high waist leggings and a tunic layer tank.
add a beanie, bombas socks (the best!) and my fave chanel hiking boots with double zips and tweed insets.
i don't want you to be precious with your souchi. live in them. wear them. be happy in them. there will always be more. promise.

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  • wdslawchzr

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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