Camp Wood, Texas

Where is Camp Wood, Texas? A question I asked when I met the incredible artist Laura Goodson. Now, if you're asking 'who is Laura Goodson' then you must google or check out her instagram @lauragoodsonart.
Camp Wood was a long drive from Memphis and the entire last 2 hours I was contemplating why I didn't have AAA. Yet, it would still take a few more states for me to sign up. The Cowboy Motel was purchased and redone by Laura and is absolutely awesome. A true escape in a very small town that makes you imagine scenes from the Rifleman. It's a charming hotel that makes you want to hang out, drink some ranch water, turn on the disco light and crank up the music. And, inevitably people will walk by and pull up a chair to join. It's a must stop and stay. 
Ruby absolutely loved it. I met Laura at a getaway at the Ranchlands last year in Colorado. I have been a lucky human to have had experiences where I meet someone and just know we will be friends for life. I made the drive out to meet her and catch up on life and how crazy it can be. I am so happy to know this incredible human, badass, talented artist and creative soul. Oh, and she just so happens to be an awesome dancer. Sometimes life offers up perfect timing in unexpected places. 

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