butterscotch dreams......

this is one of my happy colors.....
how can you be in a bad mood wearing this color?
butterscotch? apricot? sorbet?
who cares it's what summer dreams are made of.
it's a beautiful color on all skin tones....even pale girls like me and elleree.
if you shop at the souchi aspen boutique then you know i'm obsessed with these giada shirts. i order them 4 times a year and in every new color they make. twice a year we add in black and white because we all need a beautiful basic.
gorgeous tied up with high waist jeans or a slip dress  and untied with all your skinny jeans or as a layer under your crop souchi sweaters.
toss on this squash souchi cashmere and cotton cardigan, press sunglasses in shades of havana, souchi cashmere head scarf worn backwards (why not?) and playful meteor earrings from lizzie fortunato.
to see layers of all these colors together is so pretty and perfect for spring and summer. i like adding in some gold to dress it up.
gold crackeled leather mules are the perfect shoe for this look. the wide leg, crop high waist jeans with side zip and slanted back pocket. these are perfection.
some options if you don't want to do the monochromatic vibe (why??) then how about:
swap out the shirt for this bonnie ruched tank
swap out mules for these flip flops
and instead of the meteor earrings you can do these hoops
and i love this bag....and it's on sale

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