back in black....part 1

i've been living in the mountains for 10 years and my style has changed with the climate, streets and lifestyle. however, i still can't give up my city roots of black on black outfits. i guess i'll always be a 90's art student at heart.
the soap pump from an hour and a shower was a fave this sprint/summer and i am continuing to wear now. half leather/half suede and the amber heel. gorgeous. i am a fan of a washed black jean than leans more grey than black. these are from about 5 years ago and i still love them. this season i am getting a replacement in the same shade but in the skinny pusher high waist. love.
it's rare i don't have my pat flynn, sarah graham and ara jewelry on. they've become a part of me and i feel naked without them. if you like interesting, cool, beautiful jewelry then be sure to check out elliott yeary gallery.
the sant josep cotton wrap top from merlette is a beautiful blouse. the details are incredible. because these jeans are low waist and well....i like baking....i layered with a lace cami underneath.
the puff sleeve adds a feminine touch to an urban look.

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