aspen vibes....

apres vibes....
after a day on the mountain with thousands of calories burned we're ready for a cocktail....then dinner
layers of cozy cashmere, a bobble hat (ski helmet remedy), killer shades, cool earrings, your fave high waist skinnies, and sweet heels (OK, not really for snow but so cute for when you get back home) and a chill demeanor.
in aspen, life is luxe but it's laid back and casual. we leave the worries of the real worried on our tech devices and want to chill out while here.
it's the little details in a look that make the impact. here, souchi's matilde cashmere sweater with rib sleeve & tie trim with paige cashmere vest over it. these side guard shades from krewe in pink and rose gold are amazing.
a sexy rib sweater and high waist jeans show off the work out you did all day (and everyday). we like our clothes to fit and flatter our figures but we don't reveal a ton of skin here! 
keeping it casual with minimal make up, fresh skin (book the head to toe treatment!!) and shiny hair (meghan is great).
yep, it's an aspen vibe.
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  • Meghan

    Thanks Suzi :) Nothing better than a shiny blowout to compliment your favorite Souchi cashmere! xoxoxo

  • pila

    Wear your heels in the snow ❄️ …

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