animal print....dress or tunic? you decide.....

from the previous post you know i love this zebra print from rachel comey. i love the combo of muted gold with black and if you look closely enough there is a hint of electric sapphire blue within the black - gorgeous! when i stole it from the store i instantly thought of how many ways i could wear it. the first being for new years eve (see the end of this post).
after wearing for new years i knew i had to wear again and fast because this piece is so much fun to wear. it gets lots of compliments and a whole bunch of 'i couldn't wear that....' which i always have to prove that person wrong. clothes are an expression of us so i don't ever like to hear 'i can't wear that'. instead, i will take the challenge to show you how to style it so that you can. this time i added opaque tights, my tried and true chloe lace up boots, giada forte cotton crotchet sash and a souchi cotton cardigan that is so old it's got the original souchi label with the typewriter on muslin. of course a beret and krewe shades. love it.
for a more casual look i added a black top and black jeans and my all time fave ann demeulemeester heels (these boots!!!) and gold fringe earrings.
i wanted to keep the look streamlined in the front which meant no belt or sash. so, i took a vintage jumbo safety pin and gathered the back with it.  the delicate flower straps stood out against the black fitted long sleeve crew. the gold fringe crater earrings are from a lizzie fortunato that we had in the store a few years ago. i love them. add, a black fedora and you're done.
black boots make everything look cool.
here's are two pics where i styled it as a dress on the beautiful elleree. 
with a souchi poncho, opaque tights and gorgeous embroidered rachel comey boots (on sale!!)
and, here i am on new years eve
sans hat.....i never think i look like myself when i don't have a hat on! here, i wore a vintage thea grant necklace (love their jewelry!) and an agent provocateur bra because they have the best straps so you don't mind showing them. i added wolford's tuxedo stripe fishnets and a long silk ribbon that probably came off a jacket or dress that i no longer have. and, sweet sweet jack.

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