a whole lotta green..................love..............

so....i love green. it's one of those colors i love to layer and wear a lot. this outfit proves it. the blazer is giada forte from 6 years ago. the kes silk tank top (new colors here) is from 5 years ago. the kes silk pants are from this spring and the souchi kayley sweater is from this summer. the shoes....10 years ago from ann demeulemeester. the rag & bone had at least 5 years old. however, it appears what's old can be new again.
the kayley sweater is a great light weight sweater for summer but also a great layer for under blazers in the fall. love. the silk jogger i never get tired of. so cozy and luxe...who needs lycra! and, these suede wedges instantly make things cooler.
light layers & loose fits.
i am feeling this modern day annie hall. love.

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