a lil seafoam mist.........

sometimes you need to have a lil shimmer and shine. 
these pants are from giada forte last summer and i just love them. yes, they wrinkle but i kinda love that...makes them seem more casual. last year i wore them with ivory tanks and tees. but, this year i wanted something different.
because they are a high waist pleated trouser with a cute banded waist i wanted to try something cropped. 
i chose the souchi chelsea bamboo batwing in sage/chrome combo and wore it upside down as a crop poncho. since the shades and tones were muted i decided i needed a bold shoe. i went with these missoni wedges.
sometimes shiny pants can be quite casual. and, if you like the chelsea batwing check out our end of season sale because it's now on sale!

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