90's slip dress...........beautiful

do you remember that time when you were finally found your vibe & your style? i do. i was living in san francisco and attending art school. it was the mid 90's and i loved marc jacobs 'grunge collection' for perry ellis. i loved it. it was how my friends were dressing. how the musicians i loved were dressing. i loved seeing the beautiful fabrics and textures realized at a designer level. as we were all digging in vintage stores and thrift stores. 
the 1990's slip dress, combat boots, tees and camo or leather were a daily look.
20+ years later and i am still obsessed. the love just gets deeper.
people are always nervous about a slip dress. they fear 'am i wearing a night gown?' or 'it shows everything!' i disagree with both. a slip dress can be worn a million ways. that's why they are amazing. i think it's all in the way you style it.
in the fall i love layering it with a long sleeve crew thin tee, an army jacket with a removable fur collar and black boots.
a black boot adds a casual vibe to the dress and certainly takes the 'night gown' vibe away. as for showing everything....i always size up in a slip dress. i like it to hang and not be tight or snug.
there's something about the bias of the fabric that makes me most happy. this is the dress to take when traveling because it's comfortable and so easy to wear a million ways. this army jacket is perfect.
add a beret, and a thin long sleeve crew.
so, where are you headed? try a slip dress....it will change your closet.
a few other ways to wear one:
add a crop wilkins cashmere sweater
add pink suede boots or black suede with fringe boots
add a dark chocolate cross body bag

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