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the perfect tote bag........

October 15, 2014

here's the thing about bags. every season there is an 'IT' bag. months before it's available you will see the ads, then the editorials, then the celebrities shot out and about town wearing them. the mad flurry to get on the 'list' for when it's available. all that excitement........ it's the 'IT' bag because it's beautiful, cool & now.  however, for me, i am usually over the 'IT' bag before i ever put my name on a list. why? because i have seen that bag everywhere for months that i feel like i already have had it. to me, it feels last season before it's even available. funny, but true.  somehow, for me...the 'IT' bag becomes... Continue Reading →

changing seasons = mixing seasons with your clothes

October 11, 2014

absolutely beautiful this time of year...especially in aspen! the colors are incredible, the sounds magical and the sense that it's all just about to happen makes it my favorite time.   from a fashion perspective i love that layers are brought in to mix with your favorite summer pieces. that perfect tank, pretty dress you can't seem to stop wearing and those favorite just worn in enough jeans.......yep, who wants to give those up? they were good to you all summer so lets add a few layers and still enjoy them.   the key: add boots, layers, great leather bag & yummy knits to warm it up. xo suzisouchi   in stores now:... Continue Reading →