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feeling sienna.........

August 12, 2015

i love saturation in color and when it's vibrant like sienna i'm just happy. this color is beautiful for summer and flows perfectly into fall. can't you picture it with tights, boots and a chunky sweater? the color is so beautiful with mixed metal....throw in some topaz and mixed semi precious stones and it's just beautiful. chocolate leather and a simple brass buckled just adds to the rich tones.  love. look shown above: souchi empire cami dress in sienna $478 butik metal disc bead necklaces $50 butik metal tube bead necklaces $38 assorted semi precious necklaces from susan gansel (call aspen 970-925-2580) bauXo brash leather belt $106  xo suzisouchi Continue Reading →

awesome sale dress...........

August 02, 2015

what's more perfect than a maxi dress with an awesome floral print? this is the perfect dress for summer AND it's on super sale. what are you waiting for? layer with metal bead necklaces from butik & a souchi bamboo head scarf for a bit more of a boho look add a leather belt shown above: corey lynn calter lynn maxi dress souchi tricia bamboo head scarf bauxo brash leather belt mix of butik tiny beads  xo suzisouchi *pics courtesy of jessica domnick Continue Reading →