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the occasion is.....that you own it!

July 22, 2016

hi. i’m that souchi dress you bought a year ago.   i’ve been patiently waiting in your closet ever since. every time you swing the closet door open with your hair wrapped in a towel and a cup of coffee in your hand, i hold my breath and wait. and wait.   i see you text your love and tell them that you’re running late. i see you pawing through the same clothes that you always wear. i watch you try them on, change, sigh, try them on again, and, after growling at the mirror, strip, throw them on the floor, and sulk out.   i see you. but you don’t see me. i would shake my head at you…but i don’t... Continue Reading →

travel without an agenda..........

July 16, 2016

everyone travels for different reasons. for some, it’s escape. for others, it’s wanderlust. for me, my only intention: inspiration. an old adage states that “the world is a book, and those who do not travel only read a page.” can you imagine understanding everything, let alone, getting what an author says by reading one page?  i, often find myself driving the same route to work, going to the same place for lunch (even eating the same thing....yes i do this often!) and driving the same route home. don’t get me wrong, i am grateful for where i live and what i do, but i know that routine can stifle creativity. my immediate surroundings are absolutely breathtaking but they are just... Continue Reading →