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March 08, 2011

September 26, 2011


late september in ny......

first is it late september? the leaves are starting to change, nights have gotten cooler, layers are starting and jack is so big. last week i was in ny for fashion week. i was showing my spring 2012 collection and looking at the collections of new designers and the ones we currently carry at the souchi stores. plus, lots and lots of catching up with old friends, new friends & lots of food & wine.

sam....with crazy tails from her adventures in greece! over a pitcher of delicious sangria

sorbet colors and stripes 

walls and walls of scarves

menu at the abc restaurant. perfect lunch spot during a crazy day

UNBELIEVABLE necklace that i am freaking out you guys like it?

sweet whitney who just moved to new york....soon a mini post about this!

mountain suzi with her knew amazing 'holster purse' & true grit hat.

thea grant flirting with the camera

thea & nico's sweet baby boy, grey. swoon

accessories make the difference...........

so here's the thing........i LOVE accessories. i love buying them (especially shoes)but i don't always wear them. amazing drawers, shelves, tables full of awesome trinkets, baubles & things.
i decided i will start to wear them everyday (which realistically means 3 times a week)


above is accessory icon iris apfel & diamond expert elizabeth taylor

and some of my favorite accessories from fall '13 from chanel, alexander mcqueen, ann demeulemeester, dolce & gabbana, dries van noten & lanvin


and here are my favorite accessories on



center: souchi bobble beret in mermaid & bottega wrap in cherry

clockwise from top right:

thea grant grantham street bracelet

winifred grace hoop earrings

victor simoni gloss wallet in arancini without added wristlet

cindy kirk original leather tote in shade

johnny farah laguna leather belt

thea grant deSales bracelet

thea grant knickerbocker pearl & rhinestone deco necklace (yes, i'm OBSESSED with their collection)

giada forte wool felt cloche

victor simoni scoobie mu mu clutch with added wristlet


fyi, we are doing 20% off all jewelry thru december 8, 2013




September 25, 2013


color › fashion › souchi › thea grant ›

september in ny

i absolutely love ny in september! the weather is almost perfect....not too cold & not too hot. no need for a jacket, just a sweater (souchi anyone?) while you enjoy the last days drinking wine outdoors with your girls after a long day of checking out the spring 2014 collections. the cast today: the amazing corey lynn calter, the incredible shana honeyman & yours truly. we ended the conversation with corey saying, 'i can't wait to see what this table looks like in 10 years!' clearly referring to us ladies getting older..... so i say, 'the only real changes made will be that corey will have sunglasses that cover half her face, shana's hair will get taller (shana adds she will also re-introduce the side swept bang to add allure and shield half the face) and i say, my hats will be a size larger so they can be worn a lot lower so you only see my mouth'!! we laughed out loud. that's the thing about your girls you can laugh your asses off about getting older because you just can't fight it so embrace it and have another glass of wine.



about to turn another year older in just a few days........hat is lowering as i type

here are my nyc highlights


me under the brooklyn bridge dancing....happiness & wearing giada forte

atrium restaurant in brooklyn delicious!!


put me in the mood for vacation and shoe shopping

*fyi, i came back to snow in aspen!!

color inspiration for spring.......

always fun to visit the brilliance of thea & nico of thea grant!

love love love this collection.


October 28, 2011


early october...........dinner & impromptu dance party on reudi...........

delicious food, new friends, great music and a medley of cocktails, wines & bubbles.....impossible not to be a good time. our host, david, decided to throw a dinner party for 'the general' who was visiting from cambodia and show him some mountain fun. so, the crew was invited and asked to bring nothing but smiles and a good time.

so, the girls dressed to impress: souchi, missoni, thea grants, sassy shoes & red lips. we were cute :) i, felt like it was 1988 and decided to chanel a lycra dress (the malina at, philip lim leopard booties & thea grant bow tie necklace & black smokey eye! yep, 1988 with WAY better hair!! the boys brought skills at bartending (margarita's, tequilla shots, martini's....ugh, it hurts to just type all of that!) and the host made an incredible cajun feast! yep, shrimp & crab were flown in from new orleans and the sauces he took 2 days preparing: remoulade was devine! it was indulgent and delicious and ending with pear tarts! yum yum yum

the drinks were pouring, sound system on and the dancing began!! yes, a good time impossible not to smile, laugh, crack up and indulge. 

thank you to our host!


December 09, 2013


accessories › fashion › souchi ›

white christmas ideas.......


it has been snowing for a a few weeks now in aspen & now in chicago where i write this blog.

i decided to choose my favorite 'winter white gifts & inspirations' from the web and

here you go:

1. enza costa l/s bold tee & tunic layer tank

2. velvet cleopatra lace inset top

3. souchi cashmere jessica cowl neck sweater

4. sunglasses

5. the original charlie's angels

6. beautiful clean lines white ceramic pottery

7. chanel mademoiselle pearl watch

8. souchi zen cashmere leg warmers

9. thea grant westbury necklace

10. souchi cashmere itsy bitsy bikini

11. vintage white jeans

12. nars nail lacquer

13. manolo blahnik pumps with metal ankle detailing


October 31, 2011


suzi on portland vs. basalt, what to wear, and more

The last time we did an interview with Suzi it was March and she was headed to Paris. A lot has changed since then: A move, a new souchi store, a new sidekick named Jack. Isn't it time we caught up?

We already know about her favorite pieces in the 2011 fall collection. Still, we want more -- we always want more.

souchi now has two stores: the flagship souchi in Portland and souchi basalt. How are they different -- and what's this rumor about a third location?
the rumor is true! souchi aspen opens nov 5!!
all souchi stores will have similar collections and brands that cater to the city the stores are in: pdx has a more urban casual vibe, souchi basalt has is casual and outdoorsy. aspen will be loaded with luxury: cashmere, one of a kinds, gold, diamonds & hard to find specialty lines. aspen will also have a rack of one of a kind knits that are labeled and marked so that you know they are limited edition.

I imagine Portland and Basalt are pretty different (rain vs. snow, city vs. mountain lifestyle). What are your current favorite travel pieces -- the ones that work anytime, anywhere? 
i have so many great travel pieces. right now I love the lil madame butterfly & a pair of skinny genetics & johnny farah belt & bag (not matching!!)

Kim embraces several of suzi's go-to travel pieces, including the lil madame butterfly

How has Colorado inspired your design aesthetic?
personally, i am more active than i've ever been, so it's fun to push the fit & snug look of souchi. i am outdoors all the time & running between both stores, going to yoga, and playing with jack. once winter hits i'll be skiing! it's challenging and so much fun to get dressed every day.

i now live in the most beautiful place. i am constantly surrounded by luxury: amazing  homes, art, and natural beauty. i am enjoying designing things that cater to people who enjoy the very best.

I'm cleaning out my closet and getting ready to purchase some new things. What the must-haves for the autumn season?
a textured fitted crew neck sweater (see the daria crew from souchi), a long skirt or dress (see bruce ruffle dress), cool coat (see sonia by sonia rykiel), a striking piece of jewelry (see thea grant howard necklace or the embers lane necklace AND something cozy that you will live in by wearing casual or sexy (see all things souchi)
AND an amazing pair of shoes that need to be textured or color....NOTHING BORING HERE.

Bruce long wrap dress in the perfect gunmetal grey.

Thea Grant Howard Avenue Necklace

Nothing boring, indeed! Have questions you want to ask suzi? Let us know; we're sharpening our pencils and posting another Q+A next month.

November 16, 2011

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aspen, colorado.............SOUCHI IS OPEN!!!!!!

here are some pics of the new souchi store in aspen, colorado........sans some furniture & half our lights & no phone :) but, we're open!! what do you think? xoxoxoox

thanks mom for the pretty blue vase
thanks salon tulio for beautiful flowers
thanks david for the super cool & comfy chairs
thanks whitney for having this insane wallpaper in your home on my last visit to LA

love my new rug
love a case full of johnny farah!

thanks for the super cool bookcase
see how cool my rug is?

love my vintage glass heads & a shelf full of supermaggie!
cool nicole sweatshirt dress (ahhh flashdance) in allspice
with johnny farah belt & thea grant necklace

$5000 worth of cashmere curtains = luxe!!
sexy 20's nude wallpaper...swinging on chandeliers and flashing!

in the midst of my several heart attacks


jacks lil home & my super cool vintage drafting table from france.
November 04, 2011


basalt..........the things i miss most...........

as i said in my previous post i am super excited with my decision to move to colorado. i have never been happier. however, i miss my girls, my dining room, boot camp & the souchi girls. 

here are some of my fave memories of my peeps & places & dreams of them all visiting really soon.

happy november!
happy november to my nephew daulton.....jesus he's 17!!


chris, me & claude

me & my sweet baby

mom & brady

tracey, mary & christine


foxy marywynn & anika

mina june


anne z

pistol pete


saucy couple josh & melany

vacation geri, vacation mina & vacation me

don, giovanna & happy  me (no i was not fat nor pregnant....yet i still loved this shirt!!)

my sis jude & lil nico

most stylish family:
glenn, sadie, stella & corey

mama thea grant & baby grey

cooper & a really bad mood...clearly
craig (of course with sporting equipment) & suzi with those damn cowlicks!!
my dining room & living room......ahhh miss those colors
October 12, 2011


happy birthday to me..........thank you basalt!

i had an incredible 42nd birthday! my new friends in basalt, made it extra special and made me realize how lucky i am to have made the decision to move here. i have made wonderful friends that make me laugh non stop and love to cook & drink....see the grins!

my host, molly, made an incredible thai dinner (yum!!) and asked all the guests to bring wine and thai beer. so i decided to bring champagne as a thank you to all of them for welcoming me into their family. however, to my surprise, they all knew i'd want champagne so 15 bottles were in the fridge!! oh, come friday, i was feeling more like 52. ouch!

here are pics of the night....but after the pics as that many bubbles becomes a bit foggy and no documentation is necessary.



dina, melissa, kelly, molly, linda, bday girl, melisa

ms kelly

ms linda

melisa (souchi) & melissa (tulio)

the mayor karl

linda & me (wearing thea grant, souchi headscarf & ports dress)

sis & bro dina & damon

molly, david & karl

ahhhhh such a sweet card!

love love love 

more bottles & laughter

and lil monica from kansas city

good food & drinks.....

so want this to be a broche!
*and on my right wrist a super cool brass cuff with a peacock motif from the basalt crew.

thx david
November 30, 2013


my holiday wish... wait......WANT list......

it's that time of year, when your love, your friends & family want to know what you want for the holidays. i've always had trouble with that question because i love the surprise of what will be given & i love the idea of knowing someone chose something just for me. truth be told, sometimes i wonder how they chose what they did but there is always a reason.
but a list for my blog is easy because it's pure indulgence which makes it so much fun!.
happy holidays to you & yours
top center: kerry cassil bedding (i love the feel of her cotton & love that it makes me feel like i'm on vacation
top right: thea grant varet earrings (love is always on my mind)
middle right: insane givenchy stripe snakeskin boots (LORDY these are amazing!)
bottom right: souchi nadya backless cashmere sweater......perfect for new years
center bottom: 1967 jaguar.....the most perfect car ever made EVER
bottom left: gorgeous carry-on bag from filson
top left: comme des garcons laptop case in this super fun sour apple green
center: i am loving this bright pink shaded ball made of czech glass. love
November 05, 2013


styled by suzi: lace is everywhere


i love lace! this year i especially love all the reincarnations it has taken & all the places it shows up - nails, make up, packaging, etc. at souchi, this years collaboration with evergreen violet (swoon) using souchi yarn & colors and her yummy designs. we have many new lace style hats for you to check out. so check out my favorite lace inspirations available in the world right now & on

1. giada forte lace knit dress with vita anyone?
2. finally i have been growing my nails out AND i can't wait to do this, minus the 5 rings ala lagerfeld.

 3. thea grant covert st. necklace is an insane interpretation of metallic cobweb. love. 

clearly 50 shades has made it's impact into the fashion world as well....manolo blanik lace pumps.....perfect with a cropped cuff jean, souchi claudia cowl, giorgio armani red lipstick & a gladys tamez custom hat (coming soon.......)

 4. my favorite souchi accessory the bottega wrap (9 and counting). wear alone, layered, wrapped, draped, who cares.....enjoy!

 5. evergreen violet hand knit hats made exclusively for souchi using the finest souchi yarns.

 6. a medley of fantastic lace dresses from the fall runways 2013.

 7. giada forte wool hat with gold lace appliqué.

 8. gorgeous agent provocateur have to see the bottoms!


August 19, 2011


basalt sunday, august network party......

i was invited to a party at the new viceroy hotel in old snowmass. the view is fantastic and above the pool are the chair lifts leading you to the mountain. the party was for, 'the next food network star finalist susie jimenez'. she is a celebrity chef in aspen & is hysterical & so much fun. she was the one of the final 2 contestants so she threw a party, invited tons of people, cool cover band & while eating & drinking we watched the final episode to see if she becomes 'the next food network star'.

sadly, she didn't win but, hell, she came in second and is so camera friendly that i'm sure a show is around the corner. congratulations to susie for being so cool that she threw a party for coming in second! love that.

meanwhile, the invites said cocktail attire & here is what i spied. now, meanwhile, i was thinking about not going because i found out that morning that my 'insect bites' were not bites, but in fact some version of a poison plant allergic reaction so my legs were beyond hideous. so i opted for the new sea wool (oh lord, but it is cold in the mtns) overalls, thea grant charm necklace & a souchi sheer organic tee & fendi heels with a souchi beret. j'taime paris!

however, with the looks of the evening (ok, these aren't my favorite) but more discussing that wow, the question isn't how low can you go, but more how high can you go and how tight???? ladies, this is not meant to be mean, but more informative. imagination is the art of sexy & sultry & tight does not make you look skinnier.

mostly my disappoint in this younger crowd were the shoes. granted, admittedly i am a HUGE shoe snob, but i could not always splurge on expensive shoes & STILL i can't have all the shoes i want so i have to choose carefully. ladies, young & old, invest in a great heel, boot & flat sandal. that's it. these 3 will get you through.


October 28, 2011


la in mid october part 2.............................

more time in LA meant: a souchi trunk show at a private home, an afternoon with my friend whitney & a short trip with becky to the flower mart where i am on overload with all the colors and shapes. 

for the trunk show:  i met julie & jamie in basalt, colorado over the summer. my friend, karl, invited (well forced) them to come check out my store. they obliged with both husbands and 5 kids under the age of 6! so much fun and shows what good friends they are. i was a bit nervous as jack was still a puppy and not quite sure how he'd handle all the kids. the kids & jack were perfect and at the end of a 2 hour shopping session he was asleep in a dressing room with the 2 youngest kids. LOVE. 

lucky for me, both jamie & julie liked souchi & decided i should come to LA & do a show at their home for their friends. it sounded like fun & why not? it was so much fun that we decided we had to do it again.

thank you ladies for a great day & helping to spread the word of souchi.

souchi cashmere + johnny farah + christina lehr makes for a happy lady

souchi head scarves, berets & beanies & thea grant baubles, serafina feathers & super cool studio deseo necklaces!
lunch with whitney was fantastic! though, surprising from our old days in venice beach, there was no pinot grigio as future mama whit surprised me being 8 1/2 months pregnant!! i went to there new home and fell in love with the style and the pretty plants outdoors. i love the simplicity in the landscaping and the super cool stuff inside. i should have taken pictures of her custom wood doors from mexico, loved them. i loved the lil picket fence protecting the pups and MORE than anything fell in love with the wallpaper in their bathroom. yep, i stole it and am putting it in the souchi aspen dressing rooms. love.

thank you everyone for a great time in LA...yeah, i said it! i usually don't like la.

January 08, 2015


my fave things on the sale rack.....

who doesn't love a deal? i love a deal (evens out all that full price stuff i couldn't run the risk of losing) but loathe bargain shopping. i don't want to fight crowds. i don't want things that have been tried on a zillion times and i don't have any desire to find that 'jewel' amidst all the ....well....crap. 

so, at the chance i am boasting, i like being a buyer & feel i do a pretty good job at editing what goes into my stores & on-line. SO, the hope being there isn't anything you wouldn't want. 

here are my absolute favorite non-souchi pieces on our sale rack that i think are fun, cool & timeless.........even if you only bust them out a few times a year....they will still stand the test of fashion:


corey lynn calter kyla dress in stripe $150@ & $200 for floral 

the fit is great. roomy thru waist & hips and tapered at hem. love.


enza costa cashmere/cotton overlap dress the comfiest dress you will ever put on $180

giada forte leather front skirt $300 and oh so good

giada wool & velvet loose top (amazing!) $200

giada silk & velvet stripe blouse (beautiful!) $200

nue faux fur vest (sold out in a blink & ordered more that came in late) $300

nue silk & bead blouse (the comfiest blouse - love mine with cream jeans)

thea grant westbury (this is so awesome! and wear with a tank not a ball gown!!) 

corey lynn calter maxi bead skirt $170...we love it with our souchi mel raglan 

happy shopping!

don't forget if ordered before jan 20, 2015 use code: giada20 

to get 20% off entire giada collection



December 28, 2013


what i live in.........

the question i am often asked is....

'what is my favorite......' insert any article of clothing or accessory here.


so, i decided to do a post on what i live in. these are my favorite everything's right now.


from top left......

1) souchi lil mary kate oversize cardi. i have this in 5 colors and always thinking of the next

2) souchi cashmere bobble hat hand knit by evergreen violet. perfection

3) loup charmont cotton voile pj's.....mine have navy piping

4) ara gold, silver & oxidized bangles from elliott yeary gallery

5) sarah graham oxidized cobalt bangle with diamonds from elliott yeary gallery

6) deSales bangle from thea grant 

7) mother denim runaway jeans....tried & true in every color but my faves is the faded wash

8) commando ultimate opaque tights....tights that you want to live in

9) belstaff booties.....bought the black in september and have worn at least 4 times a week so i just bought the brown now that they are 60% off!

10) cindy kirk original tote...hand cut, hand sewn & awesome

11) enza costa cashmere cuff v with thumbholes .....yep, every color is in my dresser

12) me in foz du iguaco

13) souchi cashmere paige vest that works with everything in my closet year round

14) center......figuring out the selfie app

15) souchi cashmere mariah sweater....slub cashmere with some stretch & neck line can be reversed so sexy or casual

16) bobbie brown 'old hollywood' lipstick.....this was a gift that i absolutely think is the most perfect red lipstick ever!

17) valia 'sandy cay' handmade leather grecian sandals....again...perfect

18) mother denim in high waisted looker....and the good high waist not retro hipster. these fit amazing and love with a fitted sweater or tee

19) enza costa tunic layer tank....anyone who knows me knows i have these on 5 days a week with everything


happy hunting for your favorites



September 10, 2011

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my fave pics from souchi's fall 2011 collection...............

ok, so those of you who know me KNOW i am a fall girl! i want to be layered in knits, bundled up in a fabulous coat (swoon for the bruce coat...see my next post), strutting in gorgeous boots & adorned with a souchi hat (zeus!!!) and maybe one great accessory (thea? winifred? ahhhhhhhh).... 

my days of being a beach girl (yes, there was a time that i was super tan with help from QT, aluminum foil & baby oil, and afternoons spent at the pool, beach or backyard) but the days of that have passed me by. yes, since probably 1990 i don't lay out. i am thankful for the city of san francisco for providing cold summers and a freezing beach that kept me away. my skin thanks you for only 2 sun spots. 

now, don't get me wrong i LOVE a tropical vacation spent lounging seaside in a bikini, with a great book (or kindle), a cocktail and sound of waves crashing....but 5-10 days in the sun is wonderful & relaxing.

but, i want cold for my everyday life. i want to have a pink nose & cheeks and i want the layers. so here are my must have sweaters from my own collection. yes, i'd love to have it all and in many cases, i do get quite a bit (an advantage of very very long days) but these are the ones i must have this fall:

theresa vest in luxe flax (shown) and avocado!

martine mock neck with lattice front & basket weave hem (love!) 

caitlin cardi w/ antler horn buttons and basket weave detail in flax (and avocado)
*this cardi is what i wore for the 36hrs i found out in paris that i had to say by to billy and it now holds a special place in my heart for keeping me safe and warm on the hardest day/s of my life. rip sweet billy

o/s sharon (love the cozy boxy feel) in lapis but i want granola & storm :)

wesson hooded cardi w/ attached scarf & pockets in luxe cashmere in pearl

tiffany rib long legging (ok i'll get short length as i'm short...damn!) in granola & storm

scarlet cowl dress for evenings out in aspen in haze (i want mole!)

izzy vest...i am gluttonous and will be getting chili, quartz & black
on web soon!!

cloche hat in azure (and probably black too)
on web soon!

origami beret in flax (shown)

zeus hat that hillary duff is making famous in storm

tricia head scarf (a suzi staple...i don't like to do my hair!)

a stack of bottega wraps! i love them for everyday, for travel (can fit in my purse). love
julianna briefs in lapis....JUST BECAUSE they are soooo cute

me in the winter in aspens! ok, this is julia, but this is me lathered in cashmere contemplating my next outfit to keep me warm, cute & cozy!
xo suzi souchi

December 28, 2011


Ask Suzi: What to Wear for New Year's Eve

A couple of months ago, we interviewed Suzi about her favorite pieces in the fall 2011 collection. Now we're back again, bugging her with our perennial questions about what to wear.

New Year's Eve is always very hyped, but not everyone has a big date or a fancy party to attend. We wanted Suzi's advice for what to wear to make the night stylish and special, no matter how cozy and casual you end up getting. As usual, she had plenty of answers:

Suzi, you just moved to Colorado. What would you wear for a New Year's Eve celebrated on a snowy mountain, after a big day on the slopes? {We're thinking roaring fire, mugs of mulled wine, and maybe a game of scrabble...}
I would be playing uno instead of scrabble or and drinking lots and lots of wine!  I would be wearing souchi cashmere leggings, enza costa tunic layer tank, souchi scarlet cowl & super warm thick socks AND  a bobble beret. Then, I'm layered in cashmere and if the night turns into morning (due to uno & not the wine) then i'm in the comfiest of pj's.

souchi scarlet cowl

souchi cashmere leggings

Let's say you actually do have a hot date/ big party to go to? What would you wear to sparkle?
I love cut 25, especially the dress pictured below. It's so sexy, fun, and ridiculously comfortable. I am also a huge fan of wearing something sexy & casual (don't look you're trying too hard) & some great shoes. I think the souchi eva ruche dress with a leather jacket or shearling is perfect!

cut 25 dress
the souchi eva dress, top it with a leather or shearling coat

Lots of people travel over the holidays. On New Year's, some people are returning from a holiday adventure, while others are just getting ready to go after a couple of crazy, food and wine and gift filled weeks. Is it possible to look good while traveling? What would you wear for a New Year's Eve spent in the friendly skies?

It all depends on the length of the flight.....
If it is short & and I'm getting off the plane and heading straight to a party, I'd wear the souchi lara cashmere catsuit with a johnny farah belt & the souchi trina cardi cape! It's cozy, comfy & uber sexy. What is better than a cashmere onesie that hugs your curves? It might not be perfect for a long flight though: It's too hard to pee in a airplane bathroom!  So, if I'm on a  long flight then i'd go with the corey lynn calter black lace mini, tights, booties & the souchi alek crew.

lara cashmere catsuit
souchi trina cape cardigan
souchi alek pullover
corey lynn calter black lace mini

Everyone I know just had a baby or is all tired out from the holiday madness. Instead of going out, people want to stay in. I have a friend hosting a casual but festive dinner party. What can I wear that is celebratory but not too over the top?
How about genetic denim skinnies &  the claudia cowl off the shoulder & a souchi bobble beret (who has time to do their hair as a mom or with holiday madness?) AND I'd throw on a great piece of jewelry from thea grant.

souchi claudia cowl + skinny genetic denim = perfect casual NYE

So -- What are you doing for New Year's Eve and what are you going to wear?