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March 08, 2011

November 16, 2011

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aspen, colorado.............SOUCHI IS OPEN!!!!!!

here are some pics of the new souchi store in aspen, colorado........sans some furniture & half our lights & no phone :) but, we're open!! what do you think? xoxoxoox

thanks mom for the pretty blue vase
thanks salon tulio for beautiful flowers
thanks david for the super cool & comfy chairs
thanks whitney for having this insane wallpaper in your home on my last visit to LA

love my new rug
love a case full of johnny farah!

thanks for the super cool bookcase
see how cool my rug is?

love my vintage glass heads & a shelf full of supermaggie!
cool nicole sweatshirt dress (ahhh flashdance) in allspice
with johnny farah belt & thea grant necklace

$5000 worth of cashmere curtains = luxe!!
sexy 20's nude wallpaper...swinging on chandeliers and flashing!

in the midst of my several heart attacks


jacks lil home & my super cool vintage drafting table from france.
September 25, 2013


styled by suzi: late summer nights

i love this time of year in the mountains!
afternoon thunderstorms that boom and echo then back to 85 degrees then back to rain and then cooling off again. evenings spent outdoors for dinner, drinks and way too much (wait is that possible) laughing, dancing, cards & hot tubs. this is aspen living at it's best. so the clothes need to be easy, fun, stylish & able to go with any impromptu invitation. i think this pretty much sums it up. and don't you just love this new messenger bag from new designer cindy kirk? available at souchi aspen & soon....souchi chicago.
suzi souchi


1. great beach hair waves weather short or long looks great with the souchi cashmere tricia head scarves....a lil texture is great.

2. johnny farah lace knob belt is so easy and the texture & color work year round with your jeans, dresses and over a sweater.

3. cami dress from christina lehr layered with souchi cashmere theresa vest and tricia headscarf, johnny farah belt, bag from cindy kirk and butik beads.

4. butik button beads, metals, now you all should know how much i love layering these!!.

5. k jacques cyrus broad thong sandals are my favorite go to for all summer. with dresses, jeans, cut offs, etc....what don't they go with?

6. awesome ritratti bra in lemon & the military strap style!!

7. the souchi theresa vest is my go to 9 months of the year and that hasn't changes since moving from portland to aspen. whether with a tank top or an enza costa cashmere tee....i live in these....5 colors and counting!

8. tom ford's italian cypress perfume....when in rome.....or when you can't be in rome...


accessories make the difference...........

so here's the thing........i LOVE accessories. i love buying them (especially shoes)but i don't always wear them. amazing drawers, shelves, tables full of awesome trinkets, baubles & things.
i decided i will start to wear them everyday (which realistically means 3 times a week)


above is accessory icon iris apfel & diamond expert elizabeth taylor

and some of my favorite accessories from fall '13 from chanel, alexander mcqueen, ann demeulemeester, dolce & gabbana, dries van noten & lanvin


and here are my favorite accessories on



center: souchi bobble beret in mermaid & bottega wrap in cherry

clockwise from top right:

thea grant grantham street bracelet

winifred grace hoop earrings

victor simoni gloss wallet in arancini without added wristlet

cindy kirk original leather tote in shade

johnny farah laguna leather belt

thea grant deSales bracelet

thea grant knickerbocker pearl & rhinestone deco necklace (yes, i'm OBSESSED with their collection)

giada forte wool felt cloche

victor simoni scoobie mu mu clutch with added wristlet


fyi, we are doing 20% off all jewelry thru december 8, 2013




April 03, 2013


french style and souchi


jane birkin….classic, cool, interesting, timeless & daring. Decades later designers, fashion girls, et all reference images of her when she was with serge. The choices we’re fun, eclectic & unabashedly French cool. Whether you choose to lounge in these pieces at home or wear them out doesn’t matter because you will look & feel fantastic. Now, the base for great style: cashmere, good hair & great skin. Here are my favorites. Ciao xo suzisouchi

1: souchi cashmere Abigail cowl in sap
2 : this is an amazing non-irritating yet powerful acne treatment. Exfoliating, anti-inflammatory light weight gel that can be used on ALL skin types. Check out for more.
3 : the idea....souchi cashmere cowl neck, souchi cashmere briefs, textured tights and strong brows. Love.
4 : the inspiration: jane birkin in paris…….thigh warmers, cowl neck and briefs!
5 : souchi zen cashmere thigh warmers
6 : johnny farah b-1 leather belt available at
7 : bumble and bumble straight shampoo. Using this will help keep frizz and fly-aways at bay, help tame curls, and keep thicker locks in place.
8 : souchi cashmere julianna briefs. Stay home or head to paris & chill at a café.

June 12, 2012


june 12 inspirations: cold in portland & sunny in aspen

sunshine? windy? dry? unexpected thunderstorms?

yes, welcome to the world of souchi aspen & souchi portland.

what is a fashion girl to do?

grab the staples:

genetic jeans in neutral & bright colors

ashmere staples: tennant & scarlet cowl (60% off!!) to throw over your fave jeans

johnny farah belt & bags (some even on sale!!)

corey lynn calter floral 'talented mr ripley' dress with a cashmere shrug

   souchi vogel off the shoulder sweater in linen & cotton

ace & jig tanks in cotton

the point is to layer this time of year. whether you're at 7000 ft or living at sea level, mother nature has had a mind of her own (stubborn if you ask me) so enjoy mixing all your favorite winter pieces with your new summer choices (rain will not bring me down) and enjoy living in your favorites year round.



styled by suzi: a pop of coral


july MUST have is a POP of coral....

i love all shades of coral whether more orange, melon or red....doesn't matter it's all beautiful. in the summer i love adding one piece to an outfit because it seems to instantly change my mood or maybe outlook...who knows. it appears i am not the only one who feels this way. xo suzisouchi

1. ok, throw a coral scarf with your supermaggie sweatshirt like minka kelly here and you are instantly cool without trying.

2. casual, easy, breezy, playful & relaxed. and the souchi headscarfs just happen to be on sale! get the look with the babette top from velvet, genetic jeans and a belt from johnny farah.
3. classic natural linen souchi christina faux wrap top with cut 25 melon jeans. we love the no fuss hair & accessories
4. hello melon jeans and we just happen to have some on super sale very similar to kate's !!
5. who is cuter than rachel bilson? maybe nadya? the perfect summer cotton eyelet dress from velvet & souchi jane cotton blend cardi over it and leather belt.
6. ceramic jewelry from guanabana that gives you that pop of fun & color
7. love the subtle use of coral in emmy's accessories
8. a poppy flower can always cheer you up!!
May 27, 2013


summer days spent cruising...i hope anyways....


warmer weather, lazy days and throw in a bit of exercise. i can't wait to get out and bike around aspen this summer. whether on the way to the store, meeting friends for mimosa's, txocali or rose', means casual & cool. 

summer = the classics (cut offs & a white tee), fresh skin, shiny hair, nude lipstick + awesome bike.....



1. perfect nude lipstick from chanel with a lil shimmer
2. sammy scarf - light weight, fun & will help if it's a bit cool out. 
3. souchi portlands version of image #7: velvet's koren tee, sammy scarf, johnny farah sierra leone bag and saddle belt, vintage cut offs and an amazing custom bicycle from 21st ave. bicycles...
4. my coveted vintage bottega veneta messenger bag that i found at a vintage fair in florence 2 years ago.....still in love with it! burlap, snake & pink cotton strap with brass hardware....swoon
5. k jacques sandals nothing beats these originals in the summer
6. italian cruiser.........i hope hope hope to have this for the summer!
7. the inspiration photo above (courtesy
8. what can't you wear this souchi classic cardi with?

June 21, 2013


summer essential: white jeans


here's the thing: i love white jeans....

i don't care that i have to wash them every time i wear them that is why clorox was invented! they scream summer to me. they make me think of the water, vacation and a blank canvas. every single thing in your closet will work with them. and NO your bum or thighs won't look bigger. you just need the right cut and the right size. i always size up in white jeans. why go tight when the feeling should be relaxed, casual & polished. tight does not fit! so, have fun, enjoy, get dirty & grab some bleach on the way home.

xo suzisouchi

these pierre hardy wedges available at pierre hardy, nyc.........mondrian movement for shoes! perfect against the blank canvas of white jeans.

2. giada forte's linen & leather tote bag is the the quintessential bag for summer.

3. white jeans for summer always look great with a pop of color. we chose the souchi robyn v-neck sweater, butik kanakamba beads and colorful sandals from corey lynn calter x seychelles. 

4. natural leather always complements white - get the look with: trio belt from johnny farah and genetic's ex-boyfriend jeans in chalk.

5. set of brass bangles from gamine.

6. we also love white mixed with tonal earthy colors: genetic's shya jean in pale, worn with souchi raglan plunge, and topped with souchi theresa vest and guanabana jewelry.

7. souchi raglan plunge top in cotton cashmere layered over a velvet estina tank...

8. and a day outdoors.........


October 28, 2011


la in mid october part 2.............................

more time in LA meant: a souchi trunk show at a private home, an afternoon with my friend whitney & a short trip with becky to the flower mart where i am on overload with all the colors and shapes. 

for the trunk show:  i met julie & jamie in basalt, colorado over the summer. my friend, karl, invited (well forced) them to come check out my store. they obliged with both husbands and 5 kids under the age of 6! so much fun and shows what good friends they are. i was a bit nervous as jack was still a puppy and not quite sure how he'd handle all the kids. the kids & jack were perfect and at the end of a 2 hour shopping session he was asleep in a dressing room with the 2 youngest kids. LOVE. 

lucky for me, both jamie & julie liked souchi & decided i should come to LA & do a show at their home for their friends. it sounded like fun & why not? it was so much fun that we decided we had to do it again.

thank you ladies for a great day & helping to spread the word of souchi.

souchi cashmere + johnny farah + christina lehr makes for a happy lady

souchi head scarves, berets & beanies & thea grant baubles, serafina feathers & super cool studio deseo necklaces!
lunch with whitney was fantastic! though, surprising from our old days in venice beach, there was no pinot grigio as future mama whit surprised me being 8 1/2 months pregnant!! i went to there new home and fell in love with the style and the pretty plants outdoors. i love the simplicity in the landscaping and the super cool stuff inside. i should have taken pictures of her custom wood doors from mexico, loved them. i loved the lil picket fence protecting the pups and MORE than anything fell in love with the wallpaper in their bathroom. yep, i stole it and am putting it in the souchi aspen dressing rooms. love.

thank you everyone for a great time in LA...yeah, i said it! i usually don't like la.

looks inspired by jazz fest and summer music festival season...


spring is not only tulips, rain, snow & is also outdoor music events! this year i am so excited to be headed to new orleans for jazz fest....jazz? well, i am excited to see patti smith, fleetwood mac, the gospel many awesome shows. but, what does an easily sunburned girl who loves heels and is always thirsty wear to an outdoor event with porta potty's, potential mud & potentially 95+ degrees?  so, i took to some research on coachella fashion and besides most under 30 dressing as if it was woodstock i found the beautiful kate bosworth & found my inspiration: great skin, covered feet, easy clothes for sitting on the grass or your mans shoulders) and nothing contrived. 


so, the lesson, stay true to how i love to dress but nothing that is precious so i don't have to think about it getting dirty or ruined. because the memories of this week will be so much fun that who really cares? get outside, make a picnic, invite friends and go make music, listen to music (boom box anyone?) and enjoy the beginnings of spring. after all that has happened in this country in the last few weeks we need to appreciate this life with friends, family & loved ones.
happy may
xo suzisouchi

1. casual, cool, long sleeves (to avoid sunburn), booties to avoid dirty feet and damn is that red velvet cake? the souchi ashley sweater will be perfect for new orleans!
2. new orleans = beads.......and i love these new ones from butik that will add fun & color to my simple cut offs. 
3. cool and easy t-shirt dress from velvet amazing belts from johnny farah and a straw hat from guanabana
4. more beads from butik and winifred grace
5. it's hot, it's outdoor music & possibly muddy......70's inspired lace (stevie anyone?)
6. outdoor music festivals = portapotty = a very unhappy my feet will be covered even if 100 degrees! here is what i am bringing: my tried and true rag & bone booties. now, i am not being careless...mine are 4 years old and need to be replaced so this is not silly.
7. sunblock is key when spending all day at an outdoor festival...
8. AND if it is 100 degrees then i will wear these cult favorites that take me back to: i got my mtv, french braids & levis 501's ahhhhh
September 14, 2011

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needing an infusion of color for my mountain life...........

finally, finally the cold weather is starting to move in. yes, i realize in about 6-8 wks i'm going to be complaining about how cold it is (or maybe not!) but i am so excited to start wearing my new souchi fall sweaters, new boots that i have been in ny a mere 20 hrs and already hit up a shop and walked away with below! i am headed to barneys tonight for a few more pops of luxe to work back to my sweaters & new life in aspen.

i was, as most are these days, wanting some pops of color to play with my neutrals & to mix back to the azure blue. i'm feeling the azure with these green jeans & some maybe a french's bottega wrap. love it.

on my list to find today is some of the following:

-a beautiful print dress to wear with all my souchi knits (especially the caitlin) & vintage ysl booties
-fun socks to wear with open toe heels
-insanely impractical shoes that will make me happy to put on for years to come
-a watch (ok, this quest has gone on for 12+ years......leaning towards one.....maybe today is the day?)
-a shearling coat (ok, this quest has gone on for only 7+ years)
-an amazing accessory that i'll want to wear with everything. (the watch i'm leaning towards could actually count here too.....)
-mid calf length skirt to wear with the daria crew &  mel raglan

see hardly greedy at all. i already crossed off a new hat because i took 3 from souchi & 1 new rag & bone hat) & short boots (moto from gucci) and tall boots (scored a knee high hand stained charcoal pair with shearling inside) so i'm good to go.

what are you guys excited about for fall?


with all my grey jeans & a huge and the corn bottega wrap!

yummy yummy paprika silk l/s top with copper button. this will get piled on with the wheat bonnie tube skirt, caramel vintage ysl boots & the o/s sharon in granola!

to live in! with storm mel raglan or azure tennant or or or or
and the new moto boots.

higher waist trouser w/ belt loops! i want to wear with my 5" fendi peep toes, johnny farah belt in natural, paprika blouse above & the souchi gemma blazer in chocolate & origami beret in avocado.
wish me luck tonight!
October 31, 2011


suzi on portland vs. basalt, what to wear, and more

The last time we did an interview with Suzi it was March and she was headed to Paris. A lot has changed since then: A move, a new souchi store, a new sidekick named Jack. Isn't it time we caught up?

We already know about her favorite pieces in the 2011 fall collection. Still, we want more -- we always want more.

souchi now has two stores: the flagship souchi in Portland and souchi basalt. How are they different -- and what's this rumor about a third location?
the rumor is true! souchi aspen opens nov 5!!
all souchi stores will have similar collections and brands that cater to the city the stores are in: pdx has a more urban casual vibe, souchi basalt has is casual and outdoorsy. aspen will be loaded with luxury: cashmere, one of a kinds, gold, diamonds & hard to find specialty lines. aspen will also have a rack of one of a kind knits that are labeled and marked so that you know they are limited edition.

I imagine Portland and Basalt are pretty different (rain vs. snow, city vs. mountain lifestyle). What are your current favorite travel pieces -- the ones that work anytime, anywhere? 
i have so many great travel pieces. right now I love the lil madame butterfly & a pair of skinny genetics & johnny farah belt & bag (not matching!!)

Kim embraces several of suzi's go-to travel pieces, including the lil madame butterfly

How has Colorado inspired your design aesthetic?
personally, i am more active than i've ever been, so it's fun to push the fit & snug look of souchi. i am outdoors all the time & running between both stores, going to yoga, and playing with jack. once winter hits i'll be skiing! it's challenging and so much fun to get dressed every day.

i now live in the most beautiful place. i am constantly surrounded by luxury: amazing  homes, art, and natural beauty. i am enjoying designing things that cater to people who enjoy the very best.

I'm cleaning out my closet and getting ready to purchase some new things. What the must-haves for the autumn season?
a textured fitted crew neck sweater (see the daria crew from souchi), a long skirt or dress (see bruce ruffle dress), cool coat (see sonia by sonia rykiel), a striking piece of jewelry (see thea grant howard necklace or the embers lane necklace AND something cozy that you will live in by wearing casual or sexy (see all things souchi)
AND an amazing pair of shoes that need to be textured or color....NOTHING BORING HERE.

Bruce long wrap dress in the perfect gunmetal grey.

Thea Grant Howard Avenue Necklace

Nothing boring, indeed! Have questions you want to ask suzi? Let us know; we're sharpening our pencils and posting another Q+A next month.

December 28, 2011


Ask Suzi: What to Wear for New Year's Eve

A couple of months ago, we interviewed Suzi about her favorite pieces in the fall 2011 collection. Now we're back again, bugging her with our perennial questions about what to wear.

New Year's Eve is always very hyped, but not everyone has a big date or a fancy party to attend. We wanted Suzi's advice for what to wear to make the night stylish and special, no matter how cozy and casual you end up getting. As usual, she had plenty of answers:

Suzi, you just moved to Colorado. What would you wear for a New Year's Eve celebrated on a snowy mountain, after a big day on the slopes? {We're thinking roaring fire, mugs of mulled wine, and maybe a game of scrabble...}
I would be playing uno instead of scrabble or and drinking lots and lots of wine!  I would be wearing souchi cashmere leggings, enza costa tunic layer tank, souchi scarlet cowl & super warm thick socks AND  a bobble beret. Then, I'm layered in cashmere and if the night turns into morning (due to uno & not the wine) then i'm in the comfiest of pj's.

souchi scarlet cowl

souchi cashmere leggings

Let's say you actually do have a hot date/ big party to go to? What would you wear to sparkle?
I love cut 25, especially the dress pictured below. It's so sexy, fun, and ridiculously comfortable. I am also a huge fan of wearing something sexy & casual (don't look you're trying too hard) & some great shoes. I think the souchi eva ruche dress with a leather jacket or shearling is perfect!

cut 25 dress
the souchi eva dress, top it with a leather or shearling coat

Lots of people travel over the holidays. On New Year's, some people are returning from a holiday adventure, while others are just getting ready to go after a couple of crazy, food and wine and gift filled weeks. Is it possible to look good while traveling? What would you wear for a New Year's Eve spent in the friendly skies?

It all depends on the length of the flight.....
If it is short & and I'm getting off the plane and heading straight to a party, I'd wear the souchi lara cashmere catsuit with a johnny farah belt & the souchi trina cardi cape! It's cozy, comfy & uber sexy. What is better than a cashmere onesie that hugs your curves? It might not be perfect for a long flight though: It's too hard to pee in a airplane bathroom!  So, if I'm on a  long flight then i'd go with the corey lynn calter black lace mini, tights, booties & the souchi alek crew.

lara cashmere catsuit
souchi trina cape cardigan
souchi alek pullover
corey lynn calter black lace mini

Everyone I know just had a baby or is all tired out from the holiday madness. Instead of going out, people want to stay in. I have a friend hosting a casual but festive dinner party. What can I wear that is celebratory but not too over the top?
How about genetic denim skinnies &  the claudia cowl off the shoulder & a souchi bobble beret (who has time to do their hair as a mom or with holiday madness?) AND I'd throw on a great piece of jewelry from thea grant.

souchi claudia cowl + skinny genetic denim = perfect casual NYE

So -- What are you doing for New Year's Eve and what are you going to wear?