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March 08, 2011

February 04, 2017

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3 x 1 midway crop jean

  • the midway crop jeans from 3x1 is made with turkish denim that is 92.5% cotton, 5% PU and 2.5% lycra. it is a mid rise cut with tonal stitching and the clean crop flare has pretty frays at the hem. love. made in the USA 

3 x 1 slim boy toy jean

      • the slim boy toy is a new shape from 3x1. a high rise with a relaxed boy cut (relaxed crotch & leg - think slim boyfriend) with slim straight leg. there is a cropped, narrow inseam with holes & distressing hem. love.
      • 9.5 oz. denim from Orta (Turkey)
      • 94% cotton, 5% PES, 1% Spandex
      • Silver zipper 
      • Navy stitching
      • Proudly made in the USA
April 21, 2013


desert neutrals + color = perfection for it's not quite spring

 i am a neutrals girl. i love all shades of neutral, nude, know, all those colors everyone swears they can't wear? well, i think everyone can wear them! it's just finding your shade and then having fun with color & a damn good lipstick, gloss or stain. i am currently obsessed with giorgio armani's red #402 (perfection) and tom fords #15 wild ginger for the perfect orange. armed with the right lipstick and amazing accessories i am ready for any color the world thinks i can't wear!!



*disclaimer: do not blame me when you see that these lipsticks are $50! yep, when did that happen i have no idea but they stay on and don't run.....ARGH!!


 a glorious deserted beach: sand, white, turquoise & electric blue...perfect

the result: guanabana + souchi cashmere wraps + butik beads

rules to neutrals:

1) streamlined, pretty and comfortable

cut 25 blouse & skirt

2) blank canvas to let your style show

maxi dress from velvet

3) cashmere custom blankets from souchi.....perfect for the plane or wrap up on a deck or picnic blanket or escape to quiet in your 

*email if you are interested

4) kanakamba beads from butik.....perfection alone or multiples

5) cotton lace dress with vintage feeling from corey 

6) amazing giada forte sandals: one must never neglect their feet

7) ridiculously awesome lipsticks!!

styled by suzi: a pop of coral


july MUST have is a POP of coral....

i love all shades of coral whether more orange, melon or red....doesn't matter it's all beautiful. in the summer i love adding one piece to an outfit because it seems to instantly change my mood or maybe outlook...who knows. it appears i am not the only one who feels this way. xo suzisouchi

1. ok, throw a coral scarf with your supermaggie sweatshirt like minka kelly here and you are instantly cool without trying.

2. casual, easy, breezy, playful & relaxed. and the souchi headscarfs just happen to be on sale! get the look with the babette top from velvet, genetic jeans and a belt from johnny farah.
3. classic natural linen souchi christina faux wrap top with cut 25 melon jeans. we love the no fuss hair & accessories
4. hello melon jeans and we just happen to have some on super sale very similar to kate's !!
5. who is cuter than rachel bilson? maybe nadya? the perfect summer cotton eyelet dress from velvet & souchi jane cotton blend cardi over it and leather belt.
6. ceramic jewelry from guanabana that gives you that pop of fun & color
7. love the subtle use of coral in emmy's accessories
8. a poppy flower can always cheer you up!!
December 28, 2011


Ask Suzi: What to Wear for New Year's Eve

A couple of months ago, we interviewed Suzi about her favorite pieces in the fall 2011 collection. Now we're back again, bugging her with our perennial questions about what to wear.

New Year's Eve is always very hyped, but not everyone has a big date or a fancy party to attend. We wanted Suzi's advice for what to wear to make the night stylish and special, no matter how cozy and casual you end up getting. As usual, she had plenty of answers:

Suzi, you just moved to Colorado. What would you wear for a New Year's Eve celebrated on a snowy mountain, after a big day on the slopes? {We're thinking roaring fire, mugs of mulled wine, and maybe a game of scrabble...}
I would be playing uno instead of scrabble or and drinking lots and lots of wine!  I would be wearing souchi cashmere leggings, enza costa tunic layer tank, souchi scarlet cowl & super warm thick socks AND  a bobble beret. Then, I'm layered in cashmere and if the night turns into morning (due to uno & not the wine) then i'm in the comfiest of pj's.

souchi scarlet cowl

souchi cashmere leggings

Let's say you actually do have a hot date/ big party to go to? What would you wear to sparkle?
I love cut 25, especially the dress pictured below. It's so sexy, fun, and ridiculously comfortable. I am also a huge fan of wearing something sexy & casual (don't look you're trying too hard) & some great shoes. I think the souchi eva ruche dress with a leather jacket or shearling is perfect!

cut 25 dress
the souchi eva dress, top it with a leather or shearling coat

Lots of people travel over the holidays. On New Year's, some people are returning from a holiday adventure, while others are just getting ready to go after a couple of crazy, food and wine and gift filled weeks. Is it possible to look good while traveling? What would you wear for a New Year's Eve spent in the friendly skies?

It all depends on the length of the flight.....
If it is short & and I'm getting off the plane and heading straight to a party, I'd wear the souchi lara cashmere catsuit with a johnny farah belt & the souchi trina cardi cape! It's cozy, comfy & uber sexy. What is better than a cashmere onesie that hugs your curves? It might not be perfect for a long flight though: It's too hard to pee in a airplane bathroom!  So, if I'm on a  long flight then i'd go with the corey lynn calter black lace mini, tights, booties & the souchi alek crew.

lara cashmere catsuit
souchi trina cape cardigan
souchi alek pullover
corey lynn calter black lace mini

Everyone I know just had a baby or is all tired out from the holiday madness. Instead of going out, people want to stay in. I have a friend hosting a casual but festive dinner party. What can I wear that is celebratory but not too over the top?
How about genetic denim skinnies &  the claudia cowl off the shoulder & a souchi bobble beret (who has time to do their hair as a mom or with holiday madness?) AND I'd throw on a great piece of jewelry from thea grant.

souchi claudia cowl + skinny genetic denim = perfect casual NYE

So -- What are you doing for New Year's Eve and what are you going to wear?