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I just received my new Wilkins sweater in Tide. I l-o-v-e it. I immediately threw it on with my black leggings, my favorite Moma clog stye 3/4 boots, a white tunic tank and a lovely scarf i purchased from Lisa at Juniper. I love the sweater so much that I want another. I've been fortunate to spend the past couple months adding Souchi to my collection and couldn't be happier. I love walking into clients offices, or even when I am out with friends, and have people stopping me asking me where I purchased the fabulous sweater I am wearing. Most of the comments I receive are; beautiful sweater, I love how feminine it is and you look sexy. It makes me feel so good to hear people say this to me. The Hudson is a favorite of mine so I have two of them and now I love the Hudson just as much so may need|want another. I also have the Kehle (such a beautiful classic) and the Madame Butterfly (love, love, love). I might just have a Souchi addiction.

I sent you a selfie of me in my Wilkins. Not the greatest shot but didn't have a full length mirror near me.

Thank you Suzi for answering my many questions and thank you for guiding me to the most fabulous products. I owe Lisa a big thank you as well because of her, I purchased the Hudson and Kehle.


Melissa - seattle

I bought my first souchi sweater in 2005. At the time, I thought it was a one-time investment, but I fell completely in love with souchi and now have a full collection that I wear year round. Souchi is definitely a part of my signature style. I love pairing my sweaters with denim and boots in the winter and the light weight knits are perfect layers during a San Francisco summer. The quality is amazing; I launder my sweaters at home and have never retired a sweater yet! I work at home as a writer and spend most days at my computer bundled up in these cozy knits. They're my favorite clothing pieces ever -- I can't wait till my birthday each year when I get to indulge in a new favorite.

san francisco, ca

Souchi is the answer to every question you ask yourself when deciding what to wear. Sexy? Yes! Elegant? Yes! Cozy and comfortable? Yes! I often wish that every item in my closet could be from Souchi as it would make getting ready (for nearly any outing) so much easier. Additionally, I take great pride in supporting a creative, dynamic small business owner who has a hand in every aspect of the clothing from yarn to design to display. Suzi is an inspiration!

I love the look and feel of the Souchi stores and website. The store spaces are beautiful and I always feel special when shopping and trying on clothes. The recently renovated website is user-friendly and fun to navigate. That said, it is almost impossible to know how amazing Souchi yarns feel and how perfectly the clothes fit unless you have the opportunity to see and feel them. TRUST ME, you will feel confident, elegant and sexy when you wear Souchi…and you can take comfort in the fact that you will have, wear and love these pieces for your entire life! I would take one Souchi sweater over 5 factory brand sweaters any day of the week. Two words: quality + beauty.

portland, or


I found the Souchi website while I was searching for cashmere arm warmers online. Found the arm warmers and so much more, I'm totally hooked. Interested in the 'Scarlet Cowl Cashmere dress" I e-mailed Souchi for help choosing the right size. Imagine my suprise when Suzi herself e-mailed right back and helped me choose the right size (over the course of three e-mails, I wasn't just directed to a size chart).

The dress is beautiful, the cowl neck can be worn in a few different ways, the detail on the hem and sleeves is just right, and my favorite part is that the sleeves are long enough to actually pass my wrists."

I'm so proud of myself for actually getting this done, my first online review of anything...

Bowie, MD

The dress fits so well so it all worked out perfectly.

I want to thank you for your excellent communication and personal touch. I so wish I lived closer to your stores. But maybe it's a good thing I don't for my bank account's sake. Haha.

I will be checking your website from time to time though.

Many thanks again
toms river, nj

Hi Suzi,

I saw the sweater on Pinterest/Polyvore. I thought and thought about it and finally decided 'yes'. I hope it fits me. Do you carry the Claudia sweater year 'round? Thanks for the email.


Ms. Suzi,

I am in love with this sweater. Someone "pinned" it on Pinterest months ago. I see this sweater is on sale. Hooray! I went to the drop-down menu for color and size and "o/s special order" was an option. What is this? Can I order my size in the gray the model is wearing? Or does this mean something else? I also adore the cashmere leg warmers. Will they be back again this fall? In the red? Thank you for any information. Pinterest has turned me into a Souchi fan!!!

I like the shitake and I love that the leg warmers are available in that color, too! So I went back to the site and was wondering about the Scarlet Cowl Sweater. I am the size of the model, strangely enough. I am 5'1" and a 0 ... 00? I see the Scarlet is available in M, Haze. Is a Medium in this style GINORMOUS? What can I say? I'm a wearer of gray. Hee Hee. Let me know your thoughts on the Scarlet Cowl sweater and what size I should consider should I go with the Claudia. Thank you so much. This is the best service I've ever had. Seriously.

Your descriptions of the sizing has been most helpful ... "sexy big". Sounds good to me! I will place an order through the website. You have really made my day. I have been ogling your sweaters for months. How fortuitous it is all working out! I cannot wait to see what your fall line will be!!!

lawrenceville, ga

Dear Suzi,

I just wanted to let you know how happy I have been with my order. The purple cashmere was an excellent choice - that said - I especially love the bronze silk tricia which is stunning! I find the color goes with everything and feel naked without it. I can see another color in the silk in my future!

Thanks again

Best Regards,

hello you!

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