osei-duro uses traditional textile techniques to produce contemporary garments. based in the USA, Ghana, and Canada and aim to support local apparel industries in becoming more sustainable. they believe that economic and environmental sustainability and justice are intrinsically linked, and encourage international exchange of ideas and information.

    The genesis of Osei-Duro can be traced back to high school, when Maryanne Mathias and Molly Keogh met at the Vancouver Waldorf School, and bonded over a fascination with clothing. Mathias went on to complete a fashion design degree and was an independent designer before receiving her MBA from The University of British Columbia. Keogh completed her BFA in Fashion Design at the California College of the Arts and worked as a costume maker and stylist on projects ranging from films to fine art to advertising. She would later earn an MA in African Studies from Indiana University.

    In 2008, a high school reunion brought the two back together. Mathias had just completed a journey around the world, designing mini-collections in a variety of countries, and was excited to further explore the possibilities of designing internationally. Keogh agreed to an exploratory trip to Ghana, a place of rich textile histories. The original dream was to travel to different countries and design collections based on the various textiles found.
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