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naguisa (nægiːza): line drawn by the waves of the sea on the shore. Naguisa is a footwear brand from Barcelona, ​​next to the Mediterranean Sea. Naguisa was born with the aspiration of bringing the shoe with jute soles, commonly known as espadrilles or sneakers, to an audience that has not yet enjoyed this comfortable footwear. Naguisa is Mediterranean, design, naturalness, femininity, craftsmanship, comfort, quality, know-how, contemporaneity, honesty. Each pair of Naguisa espadrilles is made in Spain and meticulously sewn by hand. At Naguisa we design, distribute and take care of both our points of sale and the final consumer. We design our footwear for all types of feet and all ages. In Naguisa we dedicate all our time and energies to a single collection a year: the summer collection. - Naguisa. Est. 2012.

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