de la forge – souchi

de la forge

de la forge imagines a contemporary jewel:

entirely made by hand in Paris, it sublimates the body and is part of everyday life.

Lucile Viaud is a designer specializing in the development of bio-sourced materials.

It develops a transdisciplinary approach where form and function flow from the material and its intrinsic properties.

Its breadcrumb is to develop 100% marine, natural and recyclable materials that value a maximum of co-products.


The collection was conceived in the idea of ​​preserving our resources, and in the valorization of the know-how of the territory. 

The marine glass, Glaz in Breton, is made with 100% marine materials, natural, recyclable from halieutic co-products.

True return to the sources for the material, the appearance of pearls, combined with its color, directly evokes the tint of the sea. 

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