update your uniform.......NOW

i love a look that can take me anywhere...
day to night
aspen to new york to paris to tokyo
and, i love it even more when all the elements can be worn with everything else i own.
lets begin with these boots.....what can't you wear these with? 
we love the lug sole in a camel color with subtle camel piping between boot and sole.
croc stamp and lace up so it's a sexy slim boot.
a newsboy hat in flannel (also have in navy & black) and cool krewe sunglasses
high waisted faux leather leggings for $110...yep, you need these now. they are thick and stretchy so they won't bag out.
call aspen boutique 970-925-2580 or email: suzisouchi@souchi.com 
we like the leggings with enza's tunic layer tank and souchi's cashmere and cotton crop reagan sweater with patch pockets.
top off the look with a vintage oversized black denim jacket. this one has been hand painted and has a removable black mongolian fur collar. we love this without the collar you can wear it year round.
we are loving this newsboy hat with leather back tab. and i am a lady who loves playing with tones and texture....so this look is just happiness to me.
the combo of these shades and this jacket....isn't just happenstance.
you're falling in love with these aren't you..........
here's the thing about a uniform:  it's the details & updates that make it more than just a uniform.
so trade in your lycra leggings for these faux leather ones for instant cool.
trade in your oversize sweater for a cropped one.
instead of a denim jacket....consider black denim.
instead of a beret, consider a newsboy.
instead of a tunic sweater (legging staple) consider a cropped one layered.
instead of black shades....consider a print or pattern.

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