white tee & white wide leg jeans........not so boring....

classic summer: white jeans and a tee
however, i am so bored by the skinny white jean that i wanted to try something else.
when wearing something minimal why not play it up with fun summer colors. fun white shades with mirrored lens and a turquoise belt bag (if turquoise isn't your color how about hot pink?) that can be worn on waist or at bust. we love the hannah belt bag. then i went with an italian style woven low heeled sandal. we all want to be outdoors and walking around so lets make the low heel our friend. ok, i'm chanting to myself here as i'm a lover of heels.
sky drop earrings that make you smile.
lose the belt and you've got a beautiful clutch. you need the hannah bag.
the brunswick white jeans and tee are far from what we see every day in the summer.
and, summer nights i love wearing the giada shirts as my 'jacket'. tie it up at the waist over the tee for another pop of color. 

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