white summer dress.......

i always get a new white summer dress. i tend to keep them a really long time and love to rotate them as i'm not the most dainty of flowers and am guaranteed a spill.
this is the rhodas dress from merlette. an absolutely beautiful collection of the best cottons you can find. this dress also comes in black for those of you afraid of white. fyi, this dress is not as sheer as it looks. it's just that i was a moron wearing black undies on photo day....sigh.
i layered a ton of metal bead necklaces with my everyday bling from elliott yeary. the petey bag in samson and the volter sandal work perfectly for a lil summer dress up.
i'm not sure why i'm scowling but wanted you to see the close up of the butik metal beads. they are available in nickel, copper and brass and range from $28-64 by calling the store. love this look.
the details:
rhodas dress in white or black
presscot straw fedora (sorry sold out)
krewe shades (sorry sold out)

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