white jeans and sneakers on sale....

i'm one of those people who love white jeans in the fall & winter. something about the pop in the sea of all the black and grey. so, i love to scour the sale racks for them after summer. why? come on....they're white jeans. they will get dirty so i always have a few pairs. and, sneakers, when do you not need them.
amo denim's twist jean is sea salt is so cute. a slim leg, curved side seam and ankle slit makes it a great jean for ankle boots. the nouba sneaker in white with orange mesh (on sale!) is great for those mid winter warm weather get aways.
corey lynn calter's maggie top is a souchi staple. sorry this one is sold out but we've got more prints coming early spring.
maggie top (sold out)
melon straw fedora (sold out)
krewe shades (sold out)
butik beads


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