white cotton gauze summer dress.............pretty and on sale!

the loup charmant peasant midi dress is one of my favorites. i've had it for 2 years and when i am running late and have no time to even think about an outfit i grab it. it's one of those dresses that once you own you love more and more. however, when most try on in the store they are scared of the puffy sleeves (push them up they aren't that scary!) and the fullness of the dress. but, come on there is a very long sash and it's organic cotton. it will relax as you wash and wear.
i am often tempted to consider this for fall with black tights but haven't done it yet. 
i dressed it up this time with a new treat from my fave jewelry store elliott yeary in aspen. i had been wanting a colorful necklace and went with this one. love it.
a pop of turquoise on the feet make your eye draw to the frayed hem of the dress. so pretty for summer. 
the curved hem and side seam pockets create a relax but luxe vibe.
the krewe st louis nylon ll shades are a perfect compliment to the new necklace.
try this dress you won't regret it and it's on sale and it's great for travel too.

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