weekend getaway............

weekend getaways....love them. 
i have mastered the art of packing....give or take a few extra pairs of shoes. so for a weekend, i love a weekender bag filled with a lot of pieces to wear many ways.
layers are key & choosing a color story to help minimize what you bring because it will all work well together.
a cool pair of black jeans like these so they work with sneakers, booties and heels. these tri color booties are amazing and will add some fun to a minimal color story.
 start with a black satin tank top, light weight kehle crop pullover sweater a textured piece like this cardigan sweater to spice up basic black AND can work as your jacket layer. 
awesome accessories like a souchi staple knit beret, a small cross body bag & drop earrings work day or night.
have fun

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