why you need this skirt & blouse combo....................

the violetta blouse and sylvie skirt are cool & practical. the pieces are great together or worn separately as you'll see below. the wide elastic waist band on the skirt allows you to wear it high or low. the high 70's heels in plum moire work with all of the looks. 
the violetta blouse is not cropped and the sylvie skirt is not low waist. we just chose to style it lower on the waist because ruthie is 22 and has abs. ahh, memories of when i LOVED low waist. the sleeves on the blouse are so pretty in light layers with lots of movement. the hank bag in a soft lavender with pale contrast stitching that can be worn as a hand bag or on your shoulder or use the interior longer strap for a cool cross body bag. 
on a cool spring night when you need a lil something warmer but don't want to still be in your winter clothes a souchi sweater is a necessity. i would be pair souchi's crop sharon sweater with the silvie skirt & the high 70's heels or even a pair of loafers or the sera sandal
the sylvie blouse paired with the babe jeans, marian paquette susan bag and heels have got you ready for date night or lunch with your squad. 
you can also swap out the plum heels for the silver ones or keep shoes in these blush loafers
but, we want these plum beauties to wear with everything this spring/summer.

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