vest, tank & new denim..............

so i got these new jeans.... and, i love them
the cqy vinyl jean in charming is like those 501's you had in the 90s that took forever to fade and soften. this is the color that was in the middle of your love affair. no longer new, but not quite faded and getting threadbare.
i decided to pair them with a grey rib tank top, a linen giada forte vest from a few years ago that i have worn a ton. then, because it's cold at night in the mountains i added the souchi fringe poncho.
add some baubles and bling to dress up your denim and tank look. this is a new necklace for me and i am loving it. turns out it was one of a kind and i'm thrilled i got it. i have no idea what the stones are (i should!!) but they are all shades of blue, gold and oxidized sterling. 
being a shortie i need a heel or wedge when wearing a relaxed fit or cuffed jean. today i added a pair of missoni wedges in turquoise and chocolate. 
if you want to dress them up i suggest the souchi owens tank with sash/scarf & the souchi silver leather backpack. add some silver accessories like this necklace from annika and asymmetric earrings from deborah rice. 

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