valentines, it's not red!

valentines day....
you know the holiday where everyone dresses in all shades of pink and red.
the night where we go out for a romantic dinner and indulge in champagne and chocolate....
or, maybe it's at home with your love or out with your friends. i still love the sex & the city episode where miranda and carrie go out for valentines....well, up until the fight.
ok, going off track...
the point, it's a night where you want to be with the one you love.
but, if you're like me...i don't want to wear red or pink and i don't want to be in something tight (see champagne and dessert above)
so, when i was in new york in september i saw this dress (and we have it in a top too!)
i thought this is perfect for festive occasions. i love that it's gold and silver because you can mix your layers.
like a gold leather jacket and matte silver peep toe heels
add, awesome accessories:
giant quartz and brass necklace (call 970-925-2580 or email:
krewe conti sunglasses in butterscoth
and gold metallic leather hoodie jacket
close up of the details
the dress is fully lined and has a hidden back zipper and is fully lined. i love that it skims the body and the upper part drapes and flares so it almost looks like a top and skirt.
so, put your pink and red away and stand out in this look for valentines. and, any day or night after.

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