trench this......

......and, another way to wear my favorite trench...........
this time with sneakers and a dress
casual, cool and so easy.
the ivory buttons look great with the white on white sneakers.the angled pockets and relaxed fit are great over the 'easy dress' from laura siegel.
matte white leather sneakers with white rubber soles. but, my favorite part is the matte white 'knot' buckles. also, available in a silver grey
when wearing the trench with the dress i love the sash tied in the back. 
double layer deborah rice necklace (call aspen 970-925-2580) is the perfect match to this look. the drape of the necklace mimics the curve in the print. the clamp dye print is gorgeous. the colors pick up the sea foam of the trench.
add, a sweet pair of shades (call aspen for our collection (970-925-2580) and you're set.... 
travel trench.....
yep, it's pretty much perfect with everything.

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