travel without an agenda..........

everyone travels for different reasons. for some, it’s escape. for others, it’s wanderlust. for me, my only intention: inspiration.

an old adage states that “the world is a book, and those who do not travel only read a page.” can you imagine understanding everything, let alone, getting what an author says by reading one page? 

i, often find myself driving the same route to work, going to the same place for lunch (even eating the same thing....yes i do this often!) and driving the same route home. don’t get me wrong, i am grateful for where i live and what i do, but i know that routine can stifle creativity. my immediate surroundings are absolutely breathtaking but they are just one page of the book i want to write.

in my mind, input defines output. in order to remain inspired, i prioritize taking a few trips each year that take me out of my usual surroundings and allow me to become immersed in an environment drastically different from my home.

last summer, i went to greece. in santorini, the stunning juxtaposition of the sapphire and stark white of the architecture never ceased to inspire. the landscape is breathtaking, the air rejuvenating, the sights and smells exquisite.

some like to plan out their vacations down to the hour. i like to keep my daysopen, and allow myself to wander, to experience a new place without an itinerary. i like to walk through the city early in the morning and lose myself in people-watching. i like to get the locals recommendations on where to go, eat & what to experience. the feeling of sitting in a café that isn't listed in a travel guide so far away from home is perfection.


there’s no “goal” for me when i travel – i never set out to get a certain photograph or accomplish a designated amount of sightseeing. in fact, i have been known to not see the 'sights'. instead, for me, the journey is the destination.

every night when i get back to my hotel, i look through all the pictures i took throughout the day, arrange whatever trinkets i’ve picked up along the way, gaze out the window, and allow myself some reflective creative time. i grab my journal/sketch book & write notes on the colors, photos, textiles, etc that i saw & quick brainstorm of what they make me think of. sitting with pencil, pen & cocktail on a deck (ideal but sometimes indoors) and just sketch to see what happens. later these sketches & notes will either become something else or exist as i first envisioned them.  shifting my perspective while in a new place will forever influence my work. i work a ton but when 80% of your work week is creative.........that's perfect balance to me.

inspiration comes from every direction when traveling. 

Shop what’s in my suitcase:

these are pieces that can pretty much take me to any destination..... add bikini for beach.... add a leather jacket for rome.... add heels for NYC.... but the elements can remain the same for a summer trip.

a timeless casual look

a gorgeous cjw cashmere wrap that is featherweight and not bulky

the perfect leather clutch with minimal, yet awesome details.

a cool brass cuff

an awesome wood bangle with turquoise. *turquoise always makes me happy

cashmere fringe to evening

beautiful necklace with earthy neutrals and pops of gold

walking shoes that are sexy, fun and can keep me on my feet for hours.


happy travels




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