toucan tuesday........

in a world full of denim i like to spice it up a bit with 'basics' that are anything but.
here, 3x1's high waist relaxed split crop (though not if you're petite like me) jeans are perfect for warm weather. throw on a square cut cami with beautiful toucan print and the side seams are a nude mesh. add, crinkle patent leather mule and pink leather bag and sweet shades from krewe (call aspen 970-925-2580)
throwing on my fave 'dumb sweater'...yes, i do call the lindsay dumb. why? because there are no bells and whistles...instead, it's just the perfect cardi for spring and summer. i probably have 8 of these and wear them all the time.
i know layering necklaces are still trending...but, with a cami i love something delicate, light  and interesting. the pili necklace is perfect. and, if you like to match here are the earrings. 
these jeans....i just love them. you can size down because they are relaxed fit, but don't go too small because you lose the relaxed feel.
did you notice these shoes? pretty, fun, and guaranteed to make you smile. the cross body bag in pale pink with ivory stitching and 'beach beads' is the perfect casual bag for warm weather.
now, for another way to wear these jeans:
south parade stripe tee
an hour and a shower beatle sneakers
cindy kirk santa fe bag
and, awesome jewelry here

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