hello 90's.......SKIRT & TOP combo

ok....i LOVE the 90's. i loved them while living in them and i love remembering them...my playlists may make you think i haven't left the era. so, when i went to market and saw this skirt and bralette i had to order them for the store. the skirt runs small on the waist and meant to sit high so you will need to size up unless you have a tiny waist.
now, it's 92 days until i'm 50 and so i needed to think about how to wear the top. the 90's solution: a white shirt. and, the giada forte's are perfect as they are very thin and slightly sheer. 
add a beret - because i love them-  the stingray alex clutch & krewe shades. 
then for my feet i chose these cool woven leather pippa mules from freda salvador. just gorgeous with the circular heel. 
for you younger ladies the skirt is high waisted so you can wear the top alone as it's only going to show a few inches unless you're a giant. and, if you are well then you can wear it no matter what! and, a pop of color for your accessories.
or stick to the 90's vibe and all black accessories:
hildur yeoman skinny scarf - call aspen 970-925-2580
de palma clutch
cindy kirk alex cluth
giovanna torrico earrings
knot sneaker in black or white 
souchi beanies are sold out :(
for fall i loved the skirt with tights, knee high boots and the sharon sweater. if you want to belt the sweater it's cute with a cindy kirk leather belt.
viva the 90's

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