the road to meditation: aspen edition

what I love about aspen & the roaring fork valley the most is the air. cool, crisp, almost sweet from the flowers, grasses, animals, etc. you always want to be outdoors when you're here.

i have a crazy, fast paced life which means a chaotic schedule & never enough time in the day. i KNOW i need to meditate to take it down a notch and live in the moment. it's against my nature to relax, sit and just breathe. crazy, i know!

i figured i could ease into meditation which is why i call it my 'chill time'. it's not quite meditation yet, but it will be. i love my mornings and don't mind getting up very early to get my workout in, some play time with jack, healthy breakfast and now my 'chill time'.

our upper backyard near the tall grasses & aspen trees is my favorite spot because i can hear the wind move through the leaves. learning to take the time to enjoy sitting, deep breaths and the sounds of nature. the crisp morning air means i get to wrap myself in a cashmere poncho.

it's not about having the time – it’s about making the time. i am always busy with the store, knitting all the stock & high season always arrives too quickly. soon enough long nights turn into early mornings and mornings become afternoons and the cycle continues to fly by. 

it’s easy to allow myself to get swept up in stress and exhaustion, but in order to stay happy & fun under pressure, to remain laser-focused on my goals, I find that this new chill time helps clear the mental stuff that can clutter my thoughts and stand in my way. 

the plan is to go to that space outside at least a few mornings a week to sit & breathe in the lovely aspen air, and try to turn my focus inward. inhale & exhale focusing on the moment & being grateful for it. i can appreciate the silence, the stillness, and allow my racing thoughts to slow down. i keep breathing and soon the moments are pure bliss leaving me feeling relaxed and happy. 

i find i’m always smiling afterwards. which makes me more willing to take time to notice the colors around me, wrap myself a little tighter in my souchi, and appreciate the quiet before the days adventure begins. soon enough, jack is up and licking my feet with wet kisses, my peaceful moment replaced with sloppy expressions of love from my sweet boy.

it's the perfect way to start the day and then as i head back inside to make breakfast everything seems easier and i think “let’s go see about this day”




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